Tuesday, November 5, 2013

sincerely me .

Dear my new friends,
Just so you know that I am very lucky to have you guys here by sharing the precious moment altogether, learn new things and help me a lot in a way to cope with these new environment. Lets compete towards success. Happy studying and all the best!

Dear my current friends,
It such a wonderful moment ever to befriend with both of you. Thanks for always give support instead of sharing laugh and tears together. Sorry for any hurtful words I ever said inadvertently to both of you. I really didn't meant it at all. Just in time I can't even control my emotional which makes the things became worst, my bad. I hope that you guys will always be there for me no matter what. Much love.

Dear my old friends,
I must say this to all of you. I really didn't know what actually is going on between us. I have no idea with that but I realized we are not the old us anymore. There's a lot of changes happens lately. I tried hard not to care at all just to pleased myself, unfortunately my heart keep denying everytime
remembering our old precious moments we spent together last time. No matter what, I am still here, waiting for all of you, to catch you if you fall. I don't know why I care so much when I shouldn't care at all. I must admit that I really missed the old us, crazily. I praying hard that someday everything will gonna be fine and back to normal.

Dear my forever friends,
Thanks for always remembering me in whatever things you do. Thank God for sending me these awesome people that are really made my day. I always believe that distance does not ruin our friendship as well. We don't have to meet everyday if anything makes it stronger. You guys are much appreciated. Heart you deep deep! Happy working guys!

Dear my one and only my future husband,
There's nothing much to say, just for you to know that my love for you is really an unforgettable journey.  Starting at forever, and ending at never. Don't tell me you love me unless you really do. You should know by now, love is more than just 3 words mumbled before bedtime. But I do, and really do, I do love you.

Sincerely me,
the brokenhearted, the forgotten friend, the pretty messy girl, the one that got away.

p/s: sorry for any silly grammar mistakes. i am still learning.

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