Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Make your ex regret leaving u..

make your ex regret leaving u..

just some tips..

Normal situation..bila kita ditinggalkan..1st thing yang biasanya kita akan buat..capai hp and keep calling..keep massaging..ask why and how..crying..begging..kita bagai orang gila tergila gilakan dia but die even langsung xpandang pon kita..damn pathetic aite?

sometimes..kita jangan selalu fikirkan tentang orang yang xreti nak hargai kita..u should think of yourself first..bila anda ditinggalkan..dont follow your heart..dont begging coz it will make everything worse even die tak akan menyesal dengan keputusan dia.
true enough..

First, .dont pushing him..dont continue to pester him with phone call, emails and msg..any contact with him in this time will hurt u more..mybe korang akan rasa dengan contact him all the time dengan alasan nak penjelasan semua akan buatkan ur ex akan menyesal..but in wont.. trust me..

reality is not like in romance drama..bila somebody tinggalkan u..then after all u menangis..try harder to make him back..then..dia kembali kepada kamu..hug and kiss you( i hate those aggressive kissing scene in dramas gosh make me feel so guilty like watching porn lol)..say sorry and wahh..everything nampak so easy..actually it's not. so try NOT to contact him..

Jangan biarkan dia melihat korang menangis and begging..jangan buat ur ex simpati dengan kamu, but make him regret.make he think that he has lost the better way..just remain silent...give the space and let he experience his life without u..
bila u all just be cool, your ex akan fikir you do not care at him anymore..dan itulah sebaiknya..bagi dia rasa yang u boleh hidup tanpa me..even dia xnak kamu  lagi..but tiba2 bila kamu langsung xcontact and buat tak heran..pasti dia akan merasa sesuatu hilang..

your ex after bangang2 tinggal kamu..die mesti expecting yang kamu akan call..nangis and merayu-rayu..why dont u dont do this?..buat something yang contrary dengan apa yang dia fikir.By ignoring him and jalankan hidup korang seolah olah dia xwujud..u are making him feel rejected.if he brutality hurt your feelings..why need u make him feel like a hero that u tergila gilakan die and need him so bad?the better way..hurt them back..(i think sometimes kita kena stop untuk jadi terlalu baik and straight)

To make your ex regret losing your love, just accept the breakup and move on.
Let Your Ex see that u have strength and maturity to live ur life without him.bila die tengok kamu respect keputusan die untuk be alone..he will have more respect for u then....

time to move on..
nobody has the authority to bring us down..remember that!!

thanks for reading this..
do miss me..P

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